Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Captain Jax Saves the Day

Wednesday and Friday are the days where Kevin TA's.  We have to leave before 8am on these days so we're usually rushed and tired.  Last night I set my alarm for 7 so I could wake up early, shower, and get ready.  My alarm didn't go off or I turned it off in my sleep, and Kevin didn't set his alarm so we slept in.  Kevin can't be late and if he missed his lab it would be a BIG deal.  Luckily our little Jax saved the day by walking up my stomach and licking my face at precisely 7:45am.  Some days he chooses to wake me up and some days he chooses not to.  I am so glad he chose today to kiss my face good morning.  We owe you Jax.  He got some extra attention tonight.  One day we'll have kids and we won't post so many pictures of our cat.... but until then, we love our little weirdo.

Jax and Jax

He didn't quite fit

He lays on his back all the time. Odd.

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