Friday, November 18, 2016

Two Months

Sweet Theo is two months old!
He weighs 11 lbs 15 ounces - 32% - almost doubling his birth weight!
He is 22.4" tall - 15%
His head circumference is 39.8cm - 63%

He feels absolutely huge to me, but honestly he's still not that big.  compared to how  little he was, he's made some huge progress.

Theo has changed so much this month! He now smiles at us, is starting to chat with us, he can roll over from his tummy to his back and is sleeping much better. (except lately because of those dang shots.)  He started off the month only taking naps while being held, and now he will sleep in his own bed, as long as he's swaddled.  He went from an okay sleeper to a fabulous sleeper. Once he gave us an 8 hour stretch from 9pm-5am.  that hasn't happened since, but is a huge improvement from the waking up every 2.5-3 hours he was doing in the beginning of  the month.  He still loves bath time and would stay in there for forever.  I love that he's chunking up and his smiles melt my heart. He has his first Halloween and I can't wait for the Holidays.  I may or may not have already decorated my house for Christmas.

 He was superman for Halloween and it was the cutest

 4 generation picture

flying superman

Friday, October 14, 2016

One Month

Shortest and longest month of my life.

He didn't have a month check up, but he's eating like crazy and looks and feels much bigger.  We're still working on the sleeping at nights thing.

Friday, September 30, 2016

He's Here!

Theo made his debut 8 days early on September 9, 2016 at 5:18am.  He was a whopping 6 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long.  Here is the whole story:

It all started on Thursday, September 8th.  I had my 38 week appointment in the morning.  I found out I was 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  My doctor was pretty excited that I was making progress.  I felt validated because I told her I was having more contractions lately.  She stripped my membranes and then I was off to work.  I felt crampy, weird, and nervous the membrane stripping would put me into labor.  I couldn't really focus on work - plus everyone told me to go home, and also thought I was going to go into labor.  So I went home and started tracking my contractions and trying to rest as much as possible.  At this point I wasn't sure anything was going to happen.  For the previous few weeks I would have contractions and then I would go to bed and they would go away.

Some hours passed, and Tricia and her cute kids came over to keep me company, have dinner, and hang out. (Thanks for keeping me company!) At this point my contractions were about 10 minutes apart, but not painful.  (apparently in my family we have 'silent labor' for a while.  I should have listened to my sister and gone to the hospital a bit sooner than I did.)  When Tricia left, I decided to lay down again to see if the contractions would get closer together or go away.  Well, they became closer together, but still not painful at all.  They were 5 minutes apart for about 2 hours or so until I had two painful contractions and then I knew it was time.  I called for Kevin a little bit hysterical, we said a quick prayer and off we went to the hospital.  At this point, Kevin was still not convinced it was go time - he thought it was a false alarm.  The ride to the hospital was SO long.  The contractions were getting more and more painful, and still steady at 5 minutes apart.

When we finally got there I could hardly walk up to the hospital entrance.  Kevin finally convinced me to sit in a wheel chair.  I was being stubborn.  I didn't need a wheel chair!!  Wrong. I totally needed one.  The second I sat in the chair my water broke.  Good timing, right?  After that the pain got pretty dang bad.  Kevin handled the checking in process because I could hardly talk to the nice nurses.  The hospital was busy that night so we were in a room that didn't have a labor bed - so getting checked was really hard and uncomfortable.  The nurse had to check to see if my water actually broke, and my contractions were getting closer together and more and more painful, so it felt like a really long time before I was officially admitted.  I got back into the wheelchair and was wheeled into the delivery room - and it was a crazy blur of pain.  It was definitely more painful than I thought.  Duh, of course it was going to be painful.  I just thought being a first time mom, labor would be slow and I would get the epidural before it got too bad.  I finally got dressed into my gown, and got my IV in and I started to shake like crazy.  My contractions were around 1 minute apart and I started to panic.  I NEEDED MY EPIDURAL.  The nurses turned on the newborn warming thingy, and kept asking me if I felt pressure and the need to push.  Thank goodness I didn't.  I could not handle that.  Finally my favorite person in the world (the anesthesiologist) came in and I sat up and started to get ready for the epidural.  The pain was slightly more manageable sitting up rather than laying in bed.  I was so nervous about getting the epidural, but I didn't feel a thing.  I was so grateful I was able to get it and felt better almost immediately.  We got to the hospital around 9, and I got my epidural around 11:30.  Things escalated quickly.  My nurse (also on my list of favorite people), told me to come to the hospital sooner for my next baby.

After the epidural things slowed down.  I was able to rest a little and watch Jimmy Fallon.  Around 3:30am I was at a 10 and ready to push.  I didn't need pitocin or anything, my body was ready to get that baby here.  The nurse had me do a practice push and Theo's heart rate dropped.  It was absolutely terrifying.  Doctors came in and stared at the screen, and put me on oxygen.  I waited some more, while we waited for my doctor to get here. This was torturous.  I couldn't rest at all.  I just kept listening to his heart rate, hoping and praying it would stay stable.  His heart rate improved and by 4:45am my doctor was there and ready to try again.  I pushed through maybe 4 or 5 contractions and Theo's heart rate dropped again.  My doctor wanted to get him out ASAP so she talked about using foreceps.  We of course agreed - whatever it takes to get him here safely.  Two other doctors came in, along with two or three pediatricians - just in case he wasn't doing well when he came out.  You know it's scary when you go from three people in the room to eight.  Once the forceps were in place, I pushed through around 3 contractions and he was here. I pushed for a total time of 30 mins.  The cord was wrapped twice around his neck.  That's why his heart rate kept dropping.  Once the cord was unwrapped he started screaming.  It was the best sound in the world!!!  The pediatricians immediately took him to check him out, but he was absolutely perfect.  Kevin was able to hold him while the doctors finished up with me.  Then I was able to hold my sweet baby for the first time.  A moment I will never ever forget.

We are so glad he his here safe and sound.  It was an incredible experience, and we love him so so much.

 Before I got admitted
 After the epidural.  What's up with me and the thumbs up? I look exhausted.
My sweet Theo.  I have more pictures to upload, but for some reason they're not working right now. I'll try again soon.
He's now officially 3 weeks old, and starting to fit into his newborn clothes better.  He had his two week check and now weights 7 pounds 8 ounces!!  He gained a lot of weight fast!  Keep it up, little buddy.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Halfway Through Third Trimester

Here are some real bad bathroom photos showcasing my ever growing belly and a mind dump of latest pregnancy related happenings:

This is me at 17 weeks.  I still look a little sickly and pale at this point.  To think I was already so upset that my waist was going away.....

Hello 34 weeks! (well 33 weeks and 6 days, but close enough.)  Look at that baby! He's so huge, and I still have 6 weeks to go.  I took my passport photo this week, and a friendly PSA: do not take a passport photo 8 months pregnant - if you do not want to look like an angry chipmunk.  It's not pretty. But I honestly can't believe I'm at this point.  Well, yeah I can, but now I feel like maybe I won't be pregnant for forever.  I'm still feeling pretty good.  I'm sleeping pretty well, and I don't quite have a waddle yet.  The past couple of weeks my nausea has gotten a little worse, but nothing too bad.  I'll just need to take my medicine until the very end.  I found 3 stretch marks on my right hip the other day.  (THE HORROR.  I only cried a little.)  I'm confused as to why they are only on one hip and not the other.  I'm sure they'll show up, and when they do I'll be equally upset.  I have 5 more weeks of work until maternity leave.  I'm so excited, but also had a little freak out yesterday because I still have quite a bit to do.  Plus I am lacking in energy and I would much rather be home prepping for baby.  The nursery still isn't done, but this weekend we'll make some good progress.  That's the plan anyway.  I also want to start getting my hospital bag ready so I won't have to worry about it.  I'll just keep it in my car in case I go into labor at work.  I am so ready to meet this little guy.  I had my first dream about him last night.  He had dark hair and looked like a little Kevin, and then the next day he was a toddler and walking around.  I guess it's my subconscious telling me how quickly time flies by and to enjoy every minute.  I will try to remember that while I'm sore and sleep deprived with a newborn baby.  I really am so so so so so excited.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Second Trimester

I have officially been in my third trimester for a couple of weeks now, but I thought I should recap what I can remember of my second trimester before pregnancy brain completely takes over and I forget my first name.

Everyone talks about the magical 2nd trimester and how wonderful, blissful, and easy it is.  So when I hit 14 weeks I hoped (and prayed) and expected to feel suddenly better.  Well, duh, that didn't happen.  I was still puking quite a bit until around week 17 or 18, then it slowly started to get better.  However, my energy did come back full force pretty much instantly, which made a HUGE difference in my mood.  This is when I felt like I could start doing things again.  It really was wonderful. 

The second trimester was a busy time.  We bought a house, packed, and successfully moved into our first home.  The home that we will take baby boy home to!  (ahh!!!!)  Soon I will upload some pictures once we finish getting everything ready.  The nursery has a long way to go, but everything else is coming together quite nicely.  I felt pretty helpless during the move, but we had a lot of help so it went by fast.  Thanks everyone!!!  So far, we LOVE it!  It's so nice to have more space, a dish washer, a washer and dryer, air conditioning, a fridge with ice and water, and a garden.  We pick raspberries every evening, and it's so fun to see everything grow.  I can't wait for my tomatoes to come in so I can make salsa!  We're slowly getting to know our neighbors, and we haven't been to our ward much, but I'm excited to get to know everyone there, too. 

The second trimester was a success, and I am so, so excited that I am in my third and final trimester.  Even though I am still terrified of giving birth and the recovery process, I can't wait to meet this little guy.  Whatever his name will be.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

When Baggy Shirts Aren't Baggy Anymore

It's happening.  I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday.  It's bound to happen, I am 23 weeks and 5 days. Trust me, those 5 days are important to say.  I was getting ready for bed the other day, and I put on one of my 'baggy' shirts and to my surprise/dismay it was fitting quite snuggly across my belly.  I guess I'll just have to wear Kevin's shirts to bed from now on. ;)  I also am quickly realizing that the rubber band trick is quickly coming to an end, as well.  Unfortunately rubber bands only stretch so far.  It's really weird to see my body change so suddenly and dramatically.  It doesn't feel like my body at all.

 Most of the time I am feeling much better.  I am now throwing up around once a week. (YAY!)  But I feel sick if I don't eat enough, I feel sick if I eat too much, and I have a sour stomach right after I eat, no matter what.  Even with a gross feeling tummy, I've still somehow managed to gain 15 pounds. Thanks, Obama!  *I say this because I went out to lunch with some of my co-workers and this lady taught her 4 year old son to say this whenever anything goes wrong.  So if he's riding his bike and he falls, he says 'Thanks, Obama!'  Which I found hilarious.*

I have been craving fruit like crazy lately!  Kevin, bless his heart, does all the grocery shopping now. He asked me what I wanted from the store and I replied, 'all of the fruit.'  which reminded me of this.....
Anywho, this isn't a way of me bragging on how healthy I'm being.  I still eat whatever the heck I want.  Which includes daily nutella toast and shirley temples. (not together, obvi.)  I just really love fruit.  Especially grapefruit, which is interesting.  The sourness used to bug me a little before pregnancy, but now I love it. go figure. 

Overall, I feel like I'm really getting the hang of things when it comes to this pregnancy.  All the new symptoms feel like cake compared to how I felt before.  I can handle the having to pee every 2 minutes, backaches, leg cramps, and gross taste in my mouth. (except the last one makes me angry sometimes, it's so so so so so disgusting.)  Work is getting more and more tedious as the days go by.  All the stupid work issues feel secondary to everything else I have going on in my life.  This pregnancy has really put things into perspective for me, for which I am grateful.  Family is the most important thing.  Work drama = way less important.  September still seems like it's so far away, but on the other hand, I still have so much to do.  Pack, move, unpack, get the nursery ready, and start buying baby boy things.  Poor guy has almost nothing right now.  But I don't want to buy things now and have to move them to the new house, when I could just buy them in a few weeks. 

Keep on cooking in there, baby.  Can't wait to meet you.

Yes, I just took a picture in the bathroom at work and was too lazy to take off my sweatshirt.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pregnancy Milestones, so far.

Jan. 13th - took a home pregnancy test.  Found out I was pregnant!  
Feb. 14th - 9 weeks.  Told our parents and siblings.  Told Kevin's parents with a grandparents book and Kevin's siblings with the 8 week ultrasound picture. Told my family with a sneaky cupcake insert that said 'Baby Bowen ~ September 2016.'  
March 4th - 11 weeks, almost 12 weeks. First big ultrasound!  Found out baby is doing just great after a little scare.  So weird to see a little jumping and squirming human when I could feel nothing.
 16 weeks - Really felt baby kick!   Kevin could feel it a few days later.  (We have a mover and a shaker.)
19 weeks - 2nd big ultrasound!  The tech was able to tell the gender, but we asked her to put it in a sealed envelope for our gender reveal party.  
April 29th - Gender reveal party!  My awesome friend, Alexis prepped for the big reveal.  I gave her the sealed envelope and she filled  black water balloons with homemade paint. We bought a canvas board and stuck tacks through the back - and when we were ready we threw the balloons at the board.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  We had our friends and family there, and everyone was so supportive and helpful.  My mom and brother brought delicious cookies, and Kevin's mom decorated with the cutest onesies and prepared fruit and bought yummy candy.  The 5 day wait was definitely worth it.  We cannot wait for our BABY BOY to arrive! I was so excited when I got home from the party, I could not stop looking up baby boy things.  I even woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn't go back to sleep because I was so excited.   As hard as this pregnancy has been, I feel so grateful for this little guy.  Pregnancy truly is a miracle.