Friday, March 8, 2013

Highs and Lows

-Kevin is on Spring break as of right now and I am not for another 3 weeks. UGGGHHHHH
-Still really don't like approx. 8 of my students.... could be worse.
-Feeling fat and lazy and literally crying to Kevin about my fat arms. (don't judge me). Kevin gave me a hug, then later laughed at me for being ridiculous.
- Kevin's laptop broke 2 months after the warranty expired. $$$
- School gets out June 6 and starts again August 21
-Kevin has to take the DAT ( this will be a low until May 16 or 23, whenever he decides to take it)

-Being mistaken for a middle schooler by the police officer at WJH today when I came in during 1st lunch.  He asked how I got into the building and one of the students said I was a teacher.  He felt stupid, I felt happy. Made my breakdown earlier in the day about my fat arms disappear.
- Chatting to my TA the whole time during 7th period while my students had journal time and fixed their choreography. She's the best, I was not that cool in 9th grade.
- Kevin telling me that I could go shopping at the Gap while he picked up his computer at CityCreek.  My limit was $20.  Good thing Gap was having an awesome sale.  Hello new sweater and shirt! Sisters and mom, if you are reading this, we need to go to CityCreek next shopping day because it's awesome!
-My cute little fish won 'the contest' for being the cleanest dance so far.  They get a prize and I am proud
-The snow is melting!

As always, the highs trump the lows. Happy Friday!

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