Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creativity Block

Lately I feel like all I've been doing is choreographing dances.  All. The. Time.  I'm choreographing for my dance 1a and dance 1b classes for their concert in April. This is tricky because there are 28 students in each class, so I have to figure out groups, what movement they are capable of and somehow create a logical, interesting, and somewhat sophisticated dance. Plus I have to be prepared every single day.  I'm choreographing for my 4 jazz classes at CBT. This is easier, but still takes time and creative brain power that I am lacking lately.  I have been struggling to find something that interests me, and therefore interests my students.  Having a creative job is interesting because I am expected to constantly create, create, and create.  It's exhausting at times.  I need to go to a dance concert or something to spark some interest and get me excited again.

This is my favorite time of year teaching at CBT.  Everyone is starting to get ready for the performance in April (The Little Mermaid) and everyone is so excited.  My beginning class are fish, and it's going to be so cute.  Also, this is the time of year that I start to visually see my students learning.  They have been working hard and practicing and by Jan. or Feb. something clicks and they are stronger, and more capable of doing the things that we have been working on.  It is so rewarding, and it makes me proud.  I taught a 7th grader at school and she is in my most advanced jazz class.  At first she was very timid, flexible but not very strong, a little stiff, but a very hard worker.  Something happened this week and she was strong, confident, dancing fully, performing, and she looked AMAZING.  She was dancing with her whole self and it was beautiful to watch.  Watching my students understand what I've been telling them not only in their mind but in their body is awesome.  It makes me feel like what I'm doing is worthwhile and that I'm doing something right.

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