Sunday, November 18, 2012

Home Improvements

From the time we've been engaged, we have been working on fixing up a duplex that my grandparents own. It has been tough and we have been working hard.  Not as hard as my dad though, who did all the tiling, plumbing, countertops etc.  We have had so much help and we are so grateful because we love our little place.  My parents, my brother and his wife Anji have helped so much.  Although we are not quite finished decorating and putting pictures up etc., we have come a long way!

No countertop, wall uneven, no windowsill

microwave shelf, backsplash, countertop, new hardware, and cake:)

Worst floor ever/nasty fridge

Jax's corner, nice floor, garbage can, and clean fridge which is not pictured

Our cute table and chairs, Mexican plate on the wall and Jax.

We need a dvd rack so we can fit more books.  Also, Kevin made Jax a fort using Target boxes from our Wedding. He loves it.

Tile entryway


Our bed actually fits with a dresser! yay!

Condemned bathroom

new tile, fixed tub

nasty toilet and sink

new sink, toilet, medicine cabinet, towel rack

cute little sun we got in Mexico; right above our towel rack

Kevin posing while we were raking up the yard in the summer

After we tilled.  It looks messier now, but we have grass growing.  In November.  It's weird and we don't understand it, but we're not complaining.

It's hard to get the whole place in a picture because I can't scoot back enough.  Trust me though, it's super cute, we just need to work on our decorating skills.

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